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Whether you’re aging gracefully and want to maintain your health or are interested in improving your fitness ability, mobility is the answer.

Mobility training improves the range of motion for both joints and muscles. Having a healthy range of motion assists in improving posture and can contribute to improving your overall body awareness. Additionally, mobility helps to prevent and alleviate ‘everyday’ aches and pains.

No matter what your fitness goals are, you can’t achieve greatness without mobility. Join me starting on Monday, April 6th to see just how far you can go during my Mobility Challenge. Throughout our time together, I will provide daily tips and tasks to help improve your range of motion.

Meet The Facilitator of The Keep Moving! - Mobility Challenge on FACEBOOK, Life Aligned Wellness Center

At Life Aligned Wellness Center we focus on helping you clearly identify YOUR specific health objectives and then developing a plan of action to move you toward that goal. We use cutting edge technology, education specific to your situation and an authentic connection to your goal to provide measurable results. Our services include: Neural-Structural Chiropractic, DNA-Based Weight Loss, and Stem Cell Therapy.

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Don't Feel Trapped By Your Current Circumstances. Exercise is EASY!

Reduced mobility results in the inability to complete even simple activities. Following an illness, injury, or hiatus from working out can drastically decrease mobility. If you’re experiencing a poor range of motion, activities can be more challenging and tiring, which can impact your mood and outlook on life.

Whether you’re interested in improving your mobility or maintaining it, movement is vital. My goal is to introduce you to a variety of movements to help you test and improve mobility throughout your entire body.

During my mobility challenge, you’ll learn how mobility and flexibility differ and have the chance to engage with a group of people looking to improve their health. If you’re ready to do the work, I’m ready to be your guide. Working out is always more fun with a friend, so invite others to join as well!

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