Whole Foods, Whole Health for DNA-Based Weight Loss

Change Your View of Healthy Weight Loss

What does a healthy diet look like to you? Some responses I’ve received to this question include “low-fat products,” “frozen Lean Cuisine dinners,” and “protein shakes and bars.” While these products may appear to be healthy, they miss the mark.

Responses such as these made me realize people don’t know what real food is or the benefits of centering their diets around them. Our busy lifestyles have deterred us from connecting to our food. People simply don’t have the time to shop for and cook wholesome meals every day. Yet, chronic diseases, metabolism problems, and weight gain are attributed to diet and are the leading causes of death.

I want to help you reconnect to food by understanding what makes certain foods healthier than others and how food impacts your health. The primary link between all chronic illnesses is diet. By cleaning up your diet, you can reduce your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and much more!

Join me to learn what a real healthy diet looks like and how to lose those unwanted pounds during Whole Foods, Whole Health on Thursday, April 9th at 6:30 pm MST. Learning is the first step to meaningful change, are you in?

A Webinar Based On You

During this experience, I have a lot to cover! I’ll start by discussing the meaning of a whole-food, plant-based diet. I’ll also share scientific backed benefits of making the switch, and explain easy steps for transitioning to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. Plus, introduce you to a DNA-Based nutrition plan that gives you solutions that last a lifetime.

This webinar offers a unique opportunity to learn in an interactive setting with others who are just as eager to transform their health as you are. Participants are encouraged to engage with one another throughout the webinar in order to share their experiences and any struggles they've encountered with food.

My goal for this webinar is to educate you on what a healthy diet looks like to empower you to have the confidence you need to improve your health. Change is never easy, but with a little help and support accomplishing your goals is within your reach!

Hosted by:

Life Aligned Wellness Center

One Step At A Time

By joining Whole Foods, Whole Health for DNA-Based Weight Loss, you are taking a necessary step in the direction of taking back control over your health. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are largely preventable with lifestyle changes. With the increasing cost of health care, can you afford not to be healthy?

From the American Heart Society to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, all agree that eating a more plant-based diet is crucial for disease prevention.

As you begin your journey to a whole-foods lifestyle, you may find you naturally crave less of the things you currently enjoy. All you have to do it try it out and see the results for yourself. I’m here to help guide and support you.

Need a little more support? Invite friends and family to join! After all, don’t you want them to be healthy too?

I Can’t Wait To Share With You On Thursday, April 9th At 6:30 pm MST!