Wellness in the Workplace

Use Your Time Wisely

When it comes to how much time we spend away from home, you’ll quickly realize the majority of our time is spent at work - so why not use this time to benefit your health?

From sitting at a desk all day to eating fast-food meals on the go, there are a number of at-work habits that could be negatively impacting your health. With a few simple behavioral changes, you’ll be on your way to achieving wellness in the workplace.

Join me for Wellness in the Workplace on Thursday, October 24th at 1:00 pm MST to learn how to implement wellness for yourself and your coworkers. Some companies already offer wellness initiatives, and if yours doesn’t, it’s up to you to incorporate wellness into your workday. I can help!

Meet Dr. Lee Ann Kalaba, The Facilitator of the Wellness in the Workplace

At Life Aligned Wellness Center we focus on helping you clearly identify YOUR specific health objectives and then developing a plan of action to move you toward that goal. We use cutting edge technology, education specific to your situation and an authentic connection to your goal to provide measurable results. Our services include: Neural-Structural Chiropractic, DNA-Based Weight Loss, and Stem Cell Therapy.

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Life Aligned Wellness Center

Little Changes Make For Big Improvements

When it comes to maintaining health and preventing illness, it’s the little changes that can make all the difference. By simply switching to using the stairs over the elevator, or choosing tea over soda, you’re putting in that little extra effort to protect your health.

During this experience, you will have the opportunity to interact with others looking to incorporate wellness habits into their workday. Wellness in the Workplace is your chance to ask questions and learn new techniques for improving your health.

My goal for this webinar is to help you find creative techniques to improve your workday and achieve workplace wellness. Whether your goals are company-backed or you’re going solo, your efforts aren’t wasted. Go the extra mile and invite your coworkers to join so together you can hold one another accountable.

I Can’t Wait to Share with You on Thursday, October 24th at 1:00 pm MST!